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Important Information

As per Govt. order and preventive measures against Coronavirus, all classes are suspended from 17th - 31st March 2020. But learning will not be interrupted as each mentor will continue to reach out to their mentees. Students are encouraged to approach their mentor through WhatsApp/phone in case of any difficulty in their studies.

Any teacher willing to utilize our college website to provide e-learning materials including Online Class may contact webmaster through WhatsApp (9856711477) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The webmaster will made necessary arrangement for them.

UGC Merged Scheme (College with Relatively Higher Proportion of SC/ST/OBC)

Caroline Zaihmingthangi, Chairman

Lalzahawmi Chenkual, Secretary

Lalsangkimi Hmar, Member

Lalthanpuii Ralte, Member

Remlalsiama, Member


  1. CORPUS FUND: The committee resolved to collect Corpus fund from the teachers as per the resolution of General Body Meeting held on 4th Aug. 2015.
  2. DEDUCTION/CONTRIBUTION : Rs. 100/- per month have been collected from all teachers from the month of September 2015 towards corpus fund.
  3. FINANCIAL AID: Financial aids have been given to the following students from corpus fund.
    1. Esther Vanlalhmangaihzuali, VI Semester B.Sc (Chemistry) who was hospitalized and was in ICU has been given Rs. 3650/- to match the contribution made by the students, so that the total amount given to her was Rs. 10000/- on Dt. 8/2/2016.
    2. Zodingliani, VI Semester B.Sc (Zoology), Raphael Lalchhanchhuaha, VI Semester B.Sc (Mathematics) and Lallungkhama, IV Semester, B.Sc (Mathematics), who were identified by the Student Union Leaders to be need of financial assistance.

(Lalzahawmi Chenkual)

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