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Important Information

As per Govt. order and preventive measures against Coronavirus, all classes are suspended from 17th - 31st March 2020. But learning will not be interrupted as each mentor will continue to reach out to their mentees. Students are encouraged to approach their mentor through WhatsApp/phone in case of any difficulty in their studies.

Any teacher willing to utilize our college website to provide e-learning materials including Online Class may contact webmaster through WhatsApp (9856711477) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The webmaster will made necessary arrangement for them.


1.         SMOKING

Smoking is strictly prohibited within the College premises and is punishable with a fine of Rs. 200 (Rupees two hundred).

2.         DRINKING

Drinking of any liquor with alcohol content and taking other intoxicants is prohibited within the College campus and during College functions (College Week, Inter-College Sports and other functions). Students found guilty of such prohibited acts are punishable by suspension from College for a period not exceeding one month. Such students will be prohibited from attending all other College activities/ functions. All kinds of unruly behavior, whether as an outcome of drinking alcohol or not, is strictly prohibited. Habitual offenders will be expelled from College.

3.         CELL- PHONES

Active use of Cell-phone/ Ipods/ Music Players during lecture classes and practical classes is not allowed. Anyone found misusing such gadgets and indulging in such acts will have the material confiscated and parents will have to collect the same, with a fine, from the Principal.

4.         DRESS CODE: All students are expected to come to College in decent costumes. Proper haircuts/ hairstyles must be maintained by all students in and around the campus.

5.         RESPECTING TEACHERS: Students are expected to show respect to all teachers regardless of whether they are directly taught by them or not. Stern action will be taken against students who are disrespectful to teachers in words or in actions.



1.         LATE ARRIVAL

Late arrival into Classrooms/ Laboratories is a breach of discipline. A student will not be allowed to enter the Classroom /Laboratory 15 minutes after classes have commenced.



a)         All students are expected to appear in class tests and other internal examinations.

b)       All students must submit Laboratory Records and Assignments on time. Failure to turn in such works is a breach of College Rules and is punishable.



              a)         All students are expected to be regular in attendance

b)         A student must fulfill 75% monthly attendance failing which Parents/Guardians will have to meet the Principal.



a)         Staying away from College without proper leave will not be tolerated, except when the case is sudden illness or unforeseen circumstance.

b)         After an absence from College, students must submit a letter of absence to the Principal duly signed by Parents/Guardians.

c)         Application for leave on Medical ground should be supported by authentic medical documents.

d)         Unauthorized absence from College at a stretch for a period exceeding 15 days may result in the student having his/ her name removed off the rolls and may not re-admitted.



Tendering one’s attendance through proxy is a serious breach of discipline. The punishment of guilty students is as follows:

a)        For every single offence, the attendance given through proxy plus three previous classes attended of the concerned students will be summarily cancelled.

b)         Students acting as proxy and found marking attendance of classmates have three class attendance records cancelled from the total attendance.


All students of Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College are compelled to abide by the Rules mentioned above. All malpractices and disobedience of the above mentioned Rules will be recorded in the book of ADVERSE RECORD to be maintained by the Principal and names of offenders will be put up on the College notice board.

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