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As per Govt. order and preventive measures against Coronavirus, all classes are suspended from 17th - 31st March 2020. But learning will not be interrupted as each mentor will continue to reach out to their mentees. Students are encouraged to approach their mentor through WhatsApp/phone in case of any difficulty in their studies.

Any teacher willing to utilize our college website to provide e-learning materials including Online Class may contact webmaster through WhatsApp (9856711477) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The webmaster will made necessary arrangement for them.

IERMON at GZRSCEnvironmental Assessment Division of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai has developed solar powered Environmental Radiation Monitor (ERM) for keeping an eye on radiation level in the environment, round the clock. This system is designed and developed for open field installation with wireless data communication using Short Message Service (SMS) of GSM Cellular Network, powered by solar panel with battery backup.

The system has been deployed at various locations in India covering Nuclear Power Plant sites (NPPs), uranium mining sites, Metro cities and other important locations under the Indian Environmental Radiation Monitoring Network (IERMON). The college is one of the few IERMON Centers that transmit background environmental radiation data to a central station at Mumbai. It will serve as an early warning system in case of a nuclear emergency leading to increase gamma radiation levels in the environment.

The nuclear emergency incidence is not a common occasion but when it happen, it could be fatal and usually affects a very large region, for example, when Fukushima Nuclear Accident happened in March 12, 2011, not only in Japan, but the neighbouring countries like China, USA, etc. were being warned of the possible radiation cloud that could migrate in the air causing radiation hazards. There were lots of nuclear hoax all over the world that the spread of radiation could affect anywhere in the neighbouring countries, and it could also come to India where the route could also include Mizoram. After that incidence, the authority of the institution contacted Environmental Assessment Division of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai to install this radiation monitoring system in the college. The EAD, BARC also readily accepted the request and he system was installed in June 16th 2011. The system has provided the status of Gamma radiation level of Aizawl round the clock and sends the data to IERMON central station  BARC, Mumbai.

EAD, SCIENTISTS with College Authorities 16.6.2016

EAD, SCIENTISTS with College Authorities

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