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Anti-Ragging & Grievance Cell 2019-2021

To ensure the smooth induction of hundreds of freshers, our college has come up with fresh guidelines, reiterating strict implementation of the Supreme Court judgment on ragging. An Anti Ragging Committee, consisting of the following members has been framed


(1) Pu Remlalsiama, Chairman



(2) Mrs. S. Thangrimawii, Secretary



(3) Dr. LB Singh, Member



(4) Dr. Lawrence Zonunmawia Chhangte, Member

If any student face any kind of Ragging, he / she should inform the undersigned immediately. Ragging in Educational institution is totally prohibited by the Government of India.The committee shall investigate incidents of ragging and take appropriate decisions, including spelling out suitable punishments to those found guilty.



Mission Statement

Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College has been established by the government to be the first science college with a view to cater to the need for undergraduate-level science education in Mizoram. The college has endeavoured to execute and disseminate quality education in various fields of science and technology. 

Goals & Objectives

The principle goal is to cater to the need for higher learning in the college level in various fields of science education in Mizoram. It is envisaged that the knowledge and skills gained from the institution, with the degree obtained, would facilitate students for future employment opportunities. The main objectives of the college are:

  1. To be at par with esteemed colleges outside the state in terms of teaching-learning process and, also in terms of research output.
  2. To continuously strive to provide a platform for more choices and opportunities, particularly for students who cannot afford to pursue higher studies elsewhere.

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