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Events Dates Remarks
B.Sc / B.HSc B.C.A.  
Commencement of I, III, V Semester Classes 1st July 2015
Internal Assesment (Theory) 1st Internal Assessment 11th - 14th August 2015 10th - 14th August 2015
  1. Internal Practical: Assesment of marks will be based on attendance and performance in the test taken together.
  2. 3rd Internal Assessment to be make as per preference of individual department. (Test, Assignments, Seminar, Projects,etc.)
2nd Internal Assessment 21st - 24th September 2015 18th - 24th September 2015
3rd Internal Assesment To be completed by 9th October 2015  
Practical Examination From 26th October 2015 onwards To be decided by MZU
Examination of I, III and V Semester 10th November to 6th December 2015 As decided by Executive Council, MZU held on 15th December 2014 Vide Resolution No. EC:40:5(23)
Winter Vacation 7th December 2015 to 15th January 2016
College Week 24th - 28th August 2015 
Fresher's Social To be conducated within July in consultation with the Student's Union
SU Election
Parents-Teacher's Meet To be conducted on the day of SU Election
  • Other Events / Activities may be accomodated within the Calender from time to time. Prepared by IQAC, GZRSC 2015
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