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Dear student

With the lockdown imposed due to COVID there are reports that Domestic violence is on the rise. Domestic Violence include all kinds of physical, sexual, psychological or economic abuse that may be committed within the home by a family member or an intimate partner. The Act is punishable by Protection of women from Domestic Violence Act 2005.

The College is deeply concerned about the welfare of our students and the women’s studies cell has taken up the task of identifying students with such issues/problems. The women’s cell has also teamed up with the Social welfare Department, Government of Mizoram to provide help to such students or their family members. Attached below is the Helpline offered by the concerned department. Any student, whether residing in rural or urban areas, in need of such help may contact the numbers provided below.




You may also contact the Gender Ambassador or members of the cell listed below who will assist you in reaching out to the helpline.

1.Lalsangkimi Hmar, Chairman: 7085697650               3.Lalhmingliani Hlondo, Member 9856555336

2.Lalrinsangi Nghinglova, Secretary :9436143838         4. Lalthanpuii Ralte, Member 9436151177

               Women’s studies cell, Govt Zirtiri Residential Science college, Aizawl Mizoram

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