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As per Govt. order and preventive measures against Coronavirus, all classes are suspended from 17th - 31st March 2020. But learning will not be interrupted as each mentor will continue to reach out to their mentees. Students are encouraged to approach their mentor through WhatsApp/phone in case of any difficulty in their studies.

Any teacher willing to utilize our college website to provide e-learning materials including Online Class may contact webmaster through WhatsApp (9856711477) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The webmaster will made necessary arrangement for them.




REPORTED YEAR 2014 - 2015



April 2014:     On 17th of this month, Cleanliness Drive was organized at College Premises. On this day, NSS volunteers cleaned the class rooms, practical rooms, office and corridors thoroughly. A fact worthy of mention is that not just the NSS volunteers but all the teaching and non-teaching staff of this college also participated in this cleanliness drive actively.

May 2014:       As per initiative taken and supervision of SLO NSS (Cell), our NSS unit had successfully organised Mass Tree Plantation on the road side of Hmuifang with an active participation of 35 NSS volunteers and 4 Programme Officers on 30th May 2014. The NSS volunteers presented on this day planted around 35 sapplings on the Plantation site which is particularly allotted for our NSS unit.

June 2014:     Public Urinal which was constructed by our NSS Unit in 2006 at Ramthar Veng needed minor repair. It was renovated with active participation of 25 NSS volunteers. The renovation work included painting and repairing of the wall.

July 2014:        Orientation Course for NSS Volunteers was organized at College Hall on 6th July in which Mr Zilianngura PO NSS had a Power Point Presentation on ‘History, Aims and Objective of NSS’. Volunteers’ hand books were also distributed to the participants.

September 2014: As per direction received from SLO NSS (Cell), our NSS unit had successfully observed NSS Day at NSS Plantation Hmuifang Road on 24th September 2014. On this day, NSS volunteers cleaned the plantation site by removing small trees and weeds and the unservived saplings were replaced with the new ones.

October 2014:   As per initiative taken by SLO NSS (Cell), Special Cleanliness Drive was jointly organized by NSS Units of Aizawl City on 15th October 2014. This programme included cleaning of Main Road from Vanapa Hall to Chanmari. The NSS Volunteers present at the Cleanliness Drive thoroughly cleared the target area of waste materials like paper, polythene, sticks, and empty pockets of snacks on the main road. All these were disposed into the garbage dump by hiring a garbage van.   This programme lasted for three hours and light refreshment was served to all the participants

            The Birth Anniversary ofSardar Vallabhai Patel was observed by the NSS Unit, Govt Zirtiri Residential Science College on 31stOctober 2014 at College Auditorium in which 24 NSS volunteers and two Programme Officers were presented. This very day was considered as National Unity Day (Rashtriya Ekta Diwas) and it is the day to spread the message of Unity, Safety & Security.

November 2014: Four NSS Volunteers from our NSS Unit had successfully participated Adventure Camp at Manali, Himachal Pradesh during 23rd October to 3rd November 2014.

The following were the main activities during the foresaid adventure:

1. Trekking                                          2. Mountaineering

3. Artificial Rock Climbing                  4. Natural Rock Climbing

5. River Crossing                                 6. Hiking

7. Rappelling.


January 2015:             Two NSS Volunteers from our NSS Unit had successfully participated Adventure Camp at Majuli, Jorhat Assam during 19th to 30th January 2015.

            Launching of Swachh Bharat Abhyan was successfully organized by our NSS Unit on 27th January at Ramhlun Sport Complex. Mr Hmingdailova Khiangte Parliamentary Secretary was invited to launch the said programme. NSS Volunteers presented at this programme thoroughly cleaned the said public place and its surroundings.


February 2015: Mr C.Zoramthara PO NSS had successfully attended Orientation Course for NSS Programme Officers at IIE Centre, Guwahati during 15th to 19th February 2015. As many as 28Programme officers from the North East States actively participated at this programme. Different resource persons from nearby Institutions gave lectures on various topics like financial patterns in NSS, aim and objective of NSS, organizing special camping at adopted villages, youth profile in India etc.


March 2015: Special Camping for Units I and II were organized at Hreichuk Venglai and Venghlun during 24th to 30th of the month. The main activities undertaken were:

                 a). Construction of Waiting Shed.

b). Visiting of Middle School and High School to give lecture on Career   guidance, and also to distribute pamphlets related to this topic to the students.

                 c). Social work at the Memorial Place.


March 2015: Special Camping NSS Units III and IV were organized at Lungphun Lallurha Veng and Bawk Veng during 24th to 30th of the month. The main activities undertaken were:

            a). Construction of Public Urinal.

            b). Awareness campaign on Voluntary Blood Donation. Distribution of pamphlets related to this topic.

            c). Visiting of Middle School and High School and given lecture on Career   guidance, and distribution of pamphlets related to this topic to the students.



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