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 Programme Officer

It is indeed a great privilege for me to give a brief report on the activities of NSS Unit, Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science during the academic session 2009-2010.

With regard to the NSS scenario in Mizoram, this unit is the seventh in seniority and has been allotted six units of volunteers for the session 2009-2010. Almost all the volunteers are actively involved in creating assets for the community as well as in generating health and environment protection issues. Some of the most important activities undertaken by this NSS unit may be summarized as follows:



April 2009:        Social Work was organized by cleaning the main road from Tlak Lui to Ramhlun Industry Peng with the participation of thirty NSS volunteers. The volunteers present at the Cleanliness Drive thoroughly cleared the target area of waste materials like paper, polythene, sticks, and empty pockets of snacks on the main road. The side drain of this main road was also cleaned. All these were disposed into the garbage dump by hiring a garbage van.                            

May 2009:         Social Work was organized at College Campus. NSS volunteers cleaned the class rooms, practical rooms, office and corridors thoroughly. A fact worthy of mention is that not just the NSS volunteers but all the teaching and non-teaching staff of this college also participated in this cleanliness drive actively.

Rebecca Lalhruaitluangi NSS Volunteer participated Malaysian International Youth Programme during 12th to 17th May 2009. The theme of this conference was “Crime free generation. Traditional cultural programme was organized by different countries to promote their country culture.

A guided tour to various interesting places is also arranged for the participants to catch the glimpse of Malaysia.


June 2009:         On 4th June, Orientation Course for NSS Volunteers was organized at College Hall in which about 180 volunteers actively participated. Mr Zirlianngura PO NSS gave a talk on Aim and Objective of NSS. NSS Volunteers’ Hand Book is distributed to all the participants present at the training.

Career Guidance for NSS Volunteers was organized at College Hall on 10th June in which Dr C.Sawmliana Scientist ‘E’ Central Mining Institute, Dhanbad was invited as the resource person. He talked about how to get jobs in the Oil Company. Literatures related to this topic were distributed to all the participants.


July 2009:          On 22nd July, Voluntary Blood Donation Camp was organized at the College in which 85 units of blood were donated for the Civil Hospital, Aizawl Mizoram




August 2009:     Awareness Campaign on How to join Indian Armed forces and Central Police Organizations was organized by  Zoram Sainik Welfare and Rehabilitation Department in which Col. Venkataraman gave a talk on how join Indian Army, Navy and Air Forces.

Mr Zirlianngura PO attended PO’s Meeting on 19th August 2009 at SLO (NSS) office to discuss about Observation of 40th NSS Day.


September 2009: Mr Lalrinmawia and Ms Zarzokimi PO NSS participated Meeting cum Training of NSS  Programme Officers on 11th Sept. at I&PR Auditorium.

            NSS day i.e 24th September was observed jointly by all the NSS Units within Aizawl city at Vanapa Hall in which our NSS unit served refreshment for all the participants.


October 2009:   On 22nd October, Voluntary Blood Donation Camp was organized for the second time during this session at the College in which 48 units of blood were donated for the Presbyterian Hospital, Durtlang Mizoram.


November 2009: Mr Lalrinmawia PO NSS attended Refresher Course for NSS  Programme Officer during 16th to 20th November at Narendrapur, Kolkota West Bengal.

                  Bethel Camping Centre at Chawnpui Veng was visited with thirty five NSS volunteers by College Bus. Informal meeting was conducted with the boarders which were followed by photo session. The NSS volunteers presented at the time of visiting helped this Camping Centre by cleaning inside and outside the compound and also food items and cloths were donated by the students to the inmates there.

December 2009: Mr Zirlianngura PO NSS participated Training on Nature Conservation for Youth Leaders for India at Japan during 23th Nov. to 10th December 2009.

January 2010:  Pulse Polio Immunization Drive  was conducted in collaboration with Health Sub Centre Ramhlun on 13th January. The NSS Volunteers and Health Workers made the people aware on Pulse Polio Immunization by visiting house to house and also displaying banner and posters on the street..

The NSS Volunteers helped the Health Workers by giving OPV to the children and also marked their finger with marker ink.

Oil & Gas Conservation Fortnight was observed on 19th January at our College Hall in collaboration with Indian Oil Corporation.  Mr Nela, Deputy Manager talked on how to use LPG at minimum rate for cooking. Mr Sharma Asst. Manager gave information on safety methods during cooking.



October 2009:         Under Unit I and II, Special Camping were organized at Hmuifang Vengchhak and Vengthlang during 21st – 30th of the month. The main activities undertaken were:

                 a). Construction of Waiting Shed.

b). Visiting of Middle School and High School to give lecture on Career   guidance, and also to distribute pamphlets related to this topic to the students.

                 c). Cleanliness Drive at the roadside of the village.


November 2009 :    Under Unit III and IV , Special Camping were organised at Chamring Veng Chhak and Vengthar during 4th  – 13th of the month. The main activities undertaken were:

            a). Construction of Public Urinal

            b). Awareness campaign on HIV/AIDS. Distribution of pamphlets related to this topic.

            c). Visiting of Middle School and High School and given lecture on Career   guidance, and distribution of pamphlets related to this topic to the students.

            In conclusion, I would like to thank to our respected Principals Mr Ramhluna Hnamte and Mrs Lalhmangaihi Hrahsel for their valuable support and guidance without which many of our activities would not have been achieved. I would also like to thank to all my colleagues and NSS volunteers for their support and cooperation.

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