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June 2011:      Orientation Course for NSS Volunteers was organized at College Hall on 1st June 2011. This Orientation Programme was organized to make the first years’ students aware NSS history, aims and objectives. As many of Higher Secondary Schools in Mizoram do not introduce NSS Unit in their school. Our NSS Unit feels very important to conduct Orientation Programme especially for the first years’ students and hence this kind of proramme is being organized every year. Volunteers’ hand books are also distributed to the participants.

                                                      World Blood Donors’ Day was observed on 14th June 2011 at College in which 130 NSS volunteers actively participated. Mr Zirlianngura  NSS PO talked on ‘Importance of Voluntary Blood Donation’ and related literatures were distributed among the participants.

                        Green Mizoram Day was observed on 21st June 2011 at Sihhmui NSS Plantation. This programme includes clearing of the plantation site. Some damage ones were replaced with new saplings

                        July 2011:            Motivation campaign for Voluntary Blood Donation was organized in collaboration with Mizoram State AIDS Control Society (MSACS) on 8th July 2012 at College. Ms Lalmuanpuii Consultant, Blood Donation MSACS was invited to be the Resource Person.

                           On 14th July 2011, Voluntary Blood Donation Camp was organized at the College in which 113 units of blood were donated for the Presbyterian Hospital, Durtlang Mizoram.

August 2011:    NSS Unit visited Can Sapra Centre, Zonuam on 11th August 2011. This centre is the place where orphans due to AIDS are looking after. Informal meeting was held with the workers and the boarders. The NSS volunteers presented at the time of visiting helped this Home by cleaning inside and outside the compound and also food items and cloths were donated by the students to the inmates there.

                                    Regional Cancer Centre, Zemabawk was also visited on       23rd August 2011. We served lunch for the Cancer patients and their relatives. Informal Meeting was conducted with patients, attendants and staff. This meeting was chaired by Ms Lalramengzami. Mr Zirlianngura PO NSS talked about the history, aims and objective of NSS. On behalf of the Hospital, Dr Zothankima gave a report on the Hospital.

September 2011: Two Public urinals at Khatla South and Capital Complex, Khatla were renovated with active participation of 20 NSS volunteers. The wall of these urinals was painted and name of the NSS Unit was written on it.

            NSS day i.e 24th September was observed at NSS Plantation, Sihhmui. The programme includes clearing and cleaning of the plantation area. Some damage ones were replaced with new saplings


October 2011:   One man called Vulenga of Chanmari committed suicide on 5th Oct.2011 due to poverty. Knowing his death by the NSS volunteers, they had a desire to make donation for his bereaved family. As such, they collected food items, clothes and other valuable items amongst themselves. Condolence meeting was conducted on 10th Oct. 2011 at Vulenga’s residence in which the above mentioned items were given to the bereaved family as token of condolence and supporting.


November 2011: Mr Lalramthara and Linda Lalhruaitluangi both NSS Volunteers successfully attended NSS Mega Camp at New Delhi during 14th to 23rd Nov. 2011. This programme includes Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, River Crossing, Trekking and Rapelling in Manali Himachal Pradesh. They also performed Mizo Cultural Dance (Bamboo Dance).

Anti-Tobacco Campaign was conducted on 17th November 2012 at College Hall. Mrs Lalrinliani President Indian Society on Tobacco & Health (Mizoram Chapter) and Dr Jane R.Ralte State Nodal Officer Mizoram Tobacco Control Society were invited to be the resource persons. Both of them talked about how tobacco and its related products affect our health. They also earnestly requested all the participants to “to say NO to tobacco”. Literatures related to tobacco were distributed to the participants.

            Mr Zirlianngura attended NSS PO Meeting at I&PR Auditorium on 29th Nov. 201 to review the activities of NSS for the last quarter i.e July to October 2011. The meeting also discussed about how to implement NSS activities successfully both in Regular activities and Special Camping.


December 2011: Ms R.Lalramengzami and Ms Zarzokimi PO NSSs attended Refresher Course for NSS  Programme Officers during 9th to 13th December 2011 at Narendrapur, Kolkota West Bengal.The following were the programme undertaken during the training.

1). Organisation of Voluntary Blood donation at NSS Unit level.

2). Organisation of Special Camping at NSS Unit level.

3). Organisation of Awareness on HIV/AIDS, environment etc.

            4). Budgeting for NSS Accounts.     

        The Observance of World AIDS Day was organized by MSACS at Vanapa Hall on 1st December 2011. NSS Volunteers around 35 in number from our unit also participated at this programme.


January 2012: The SBI ATM at Ramhlun North has not been cleaned for many days. The two dustbins were full of receipts. Many receipts were also lying on the floor. By seeing this condition, on 24th January 2012, the NSS volunteers cleaned the ATM counter by clearing the dustbins and floor. All the unwanted receipts were put in the polythenes and these were disposed into the garbage area.  

Cancer Khualbuk at Zemabawk was visited on 31st January 2012 with 40 NSS volunteers. The informal meeting was conducted in which Mr Laltlankima, President Mizoram Cancer Society talked about how this Khualbuk was constructed and also how this Khualbuk was utilized by the Cancer patients and their relatives. Mr Zirlianngura also had a talk on Aims and objectives of NSS. The volunteers presented at the time of visiting helped this Home by cleaning inside and outside the compound. Two portable Inverters were given to this home.

February 2012: Class to class motivation campaign on Voluntary Blood Donationwas conducted in which Mr Zirliangura and Mr Lalnunthara PO NSS talked about importance of Voluntary Blood donation. They earnestly request all the NSS volunteers generously to donate blood in the coming Voluntary Blood donation camp.

            On 15th February 2012, Voluntary Blood Donation Camp was organized at the College in which 66 units of blood were donated for the Presbyterian Hospital, Durtlang Mizoram.


March 2012: On 21st March One day Career Counseling was organized at College Hall in which Mr Lalthuama ex-AGM SBI talked about ‘how to enter into Banking Services” and Ms Lalthianghlimi Consultant, North Eastern Development Financial Institution (NEDFI) had a talk on ‘ how to start private entrepreneurship’. The NSS Volunteers presented at the counseling had been enlightened on these two topics.

April 2012 : Two days Workshop on ‘Human Rights Education’ in collaboration with International Association for Religious Freedom(AIRF),Kolkota. During 24th to 25th April 2012. The main objective of this workshop is to eliminate of all forms of intolerance& discrimination based on religion or belief. Prof. Asit Basu Chairman IARF Kolkota branch and Dr Mathew Thomas Chairm IARF South Asia Coordinating Council were the main resource persons in the program. This program was inaugurated by Dr Lalzuiliana SLO NSS, Mizoram Cell and Mrs Lalhmangaihi Hrahsel, Principal Govt.Zirtiri Res. Science College closed this program and also given away Certificates to the participants.


April 2012:              Under Unit I and II, Special Camping were organized at Leithum Vengchhak and Vengthlang during 7th  to 13th of the month. The main activities undertaken were:

                 a). Construction of Waiting Shed.

b). Visiting of Middle School and High School to give lecture on Career   guidance, and also to distribute pamphlets related to this topic to the students.

                 c). Cleanliness Drive at the roadside of the village.


April 2012:              Under Unit III and IV Special Camping were organized at Vanzau Veng Chhak and Vengthar during 14th  to 20th of the month. The main activities undertaken were:

            a). Construction of Public Urinal

            b). Awareness campaign on HIV/AIDS. Distribution of pamphlets related to this topic.

            c). Visiting of Middle School and High School and given lecture on Career   guidance, and distribution of pamphlets related to this topic to the students.

            In conclusion, I would like to thank to our respected Principal Mrs Lalhmangaihi Hrahsel for her valuable support and guidance without which many of our activities would not have been achieved. I would also like to thank to all my colleagues and NSS volunteers for their support and cooperation.

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