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1.Title of the Practice



i)Develop the skills and potential of students.

ii)Facilitate employability and establish careers.


The youths of today are under tremendous pressure in order to carve out a niche for survival in life. They are subjected to fierce competitions against their peers not only in academics but also in job hunting and establishing careers. Besides their academic syllabus, It is felt that our students must be given additional training in relevant aspects so designed to widen their outlook and perspectives.

Hence, a module for ‘Personality Development’ is designed for imparting these values, keeping in mind that the programme should be simple to manage, but rich in content.

The practice

The outgoing students of all streams undergo a short term course on personality development at the end of their final university examinations. The course usually stretches over a period of two weeks within which different life skills are imparted to the students. The course content ranges from

IT for everyday life

Basic computer application  

Interview skills

Communication skills

Common errors in English

Psychological development

Basic first aid skill


Traditional values

Manners & etiquettes

First Aid skills

Time Management

Personal grooming

Counseling on choice of career in various streams

Spoken Hindi

Private entrepreneurship

Visual communication and Animation

Resource Persons were engaged from the teaching Faculty of the college as well as renowned experts from outside the college who are well-known in their chosen fields.

The College collaborated with able Faculty from Regional Institute of Paramedical and Nursing Sciences (RIPANS), Aizawl for teaching the basics of First Aid skills


5.Evidence of success

              The programme met with an astounding response from the outgoing students. A total of 114 students registered themselves in the first year and in the second year the course had a total of 105 students registering themselves and the trend continued.

     A Feedback/evaluation mechanism collected from the participants show that the program was well-received. More than 90% of the topics were found to be relevant for participants. The course provided them with the necessary facilities and tools to face challenges that pertain to the lifestyles and scenarios faced by young adults in today’s world.

   6. Problems encountered and resources required

The course is designed to accommodate all outgoing students from three streams-science, home science and computer science. Since their university examinations ended on different dates, we faced minor problems in setting a time slot that would be convenient for all streams. Secondly, some students from rural areas are unable to attend the course as they often have to go back to their homes as soon as they finish their university examinations. Choosing topics that would benefit all students from all streams and finding the right resource persons proved to be a little challenging.

The Student Support Committee organizes the program in collaboration with the IQAC and the programme is funded by RUSA    

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