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Radiation Monitoring LabA laboratory for monitoring natural background radiation from the environment has been established in this institution through the Research Project funded by Board of research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS), Govt. of India since 2008. Radionuclides which occurs in nature like uranium, radium, potassium, sodium and their daughter products like radon, thoron gases from the terrestrial origins are monitored. At the same time, Gamma radiations originating from cosmic as well as terrestrial sources are also monitored. Some of these radionuclides have adverse effect on human health and are known to cause various diseases like lung cancer, skin diseases, etc. In the light of detection and monitoring the amount of concentration of these radioactive substances, the laboratory plays a very important role in quantification of these elements, determining the type of radioactive elements, their energies and concentrations in the environment.

This laboratory is equipped with highly sophisticated machines like NaI (Tl) gamma spectrometer with 1k Multichannel Analyser, RAD7 and other nuclear track detecting instrument. Post Graduate students from University and Research Scholars doing their Ph.D. courses utilize the facilities and some of them have acquired Ph.D. degree from this lab.  BRNS has a plan to upgrade by providing research funds to this institution and install machines like laser fluorometry, scintillation Radon/thoron Monitor (SRM/STM) which will be used for detection and quantification of radionuclides present in the soil, rock and water.

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