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Feedback from students is collected annually. The IQAC designed the feedback form and they were distributed to the students according to the convenience of the concerned teachers during the stipulated time fixed by the IQAC in the Academic Calendar. The Feedback does not aim at choosing the Best teacher nor does it attempt to discourage teachers who fall behind student’s expectations. The basic aim is self-reflection and self-improvement for teachers so that students derive maximum satisfaction. Hence the collected feedback is studied by individual teachers to realise their strengths and weaknesses and is later submitted to the principal for overall analysis. The feedback forms are preferably collected towards the end of a Semester so that students are better acquainted with their teachers.

The satisfaction of students regarding the performance of their teachers is evaluated by making an assessment in areas such as

a) Communication skills of the teacher.

b) Accessibility of teacher in and out of the class.

c) Teacher’s knowledge of topic and preparedness.

d) Teacher’s ability to maintain discipline in classroom.

e) Punctuality of teacher.

f) Regularity of the teachers.

g) Teacher’s ability to design quizzes, assignment for students to help in understanding topics

h) Teacher’s sincerity/commitment to his/her job.

i) Overall rating of teacher.

On each criterion teachers are graded as Excellent, Good or Fair. Fair would suggest that the concerned teacher needs a lot of improvement in certain specified areas. Teachers with consistently poor feedback may be called by the Principal to discuss scope for improvement.

A space is given for students to write additional remark on their impression of the teachers as well as comment on the relevancy and difficulty level of the course content. The identities of the students are not revealed so that they are able to freely express their opinions and give proper ratings.

The general remarks that can be derived from the feedback are:

1. Most students graded their teachers as GOOD in all the categories whereas some teachers were rated excellent.

2. A good number of students rated their teachers as FAIR when it came to accessibility outside classroom.

3. The Overall rating of the Teachers was GOOD.

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