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Prof. B. Zoliana

Principal's Message

We, at Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College, are committed to our motto “Lighted to Lighten”. It gives me great happiness to announce that Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College is now equipped with its own website. I do hope it provides both the faculty and the students of this College with a platform for exchange of ideas and information . It is also intended to benefit all others who visit it to learn more about our College, in whatever capacity it may be, I also, take the opportunity to thank the University Grants Commission (UGC) for making this achievement possible. Happy browsing !

Prof. B. Zoliana
Principal, GZRSC

Official Notifications


Admission is open for Waiting List from today i.e. 7.8.2020 Friday upto 10.8.2020 Monday on working days after which it will be closed. If any seats left, fresh admission will be opened again for a limited period.

Vawiin (7.8.2020) atangin Waiting List ho tan Admission hawn a ni e. Monday (10.8.2020) thleng hawn a nia ang a. Seat ruak a la awm chuan 11.8.2020 (Tuesday) ah Fresh Admission hawn a ni ang.

- Principal, GZRSC

Selected List of candiates for first semester B.Sc. 2020-2021 are given below:

The following are put in waiting list:


  1. Admission fees to be paid on or before 31st July 2020 on production of original or attested copy of HSSLC marksheet.
  2. Students who do not pay the fees within the stipulated time will be deemed as forfeiting their seats.
  3. Students in the waiting list will be given admission subject to vacancy on a first come first serve basis.

HURRY... Limited seats available for BCA & Home Science on First Come First Serve basis. Visit Principal's Office.

Prof. B. Zoliana, Principal


  • Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
  • Bachelor of Science (Home Science)
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc)

HURRY... Limited seats available for BCA & Home Science on First Come First Serve basis. Visit Principal's Office.

Prof. B. Zoliana, Principal

Notice Regarding National Science Day 2020 Celebration

national science day 2020

Notice on E-Content Development

Notice on E Content Development

Venue : Lecturer’s Common Room

Date & Time : 25thSeptember 2019 1:00 p.m

Chairman : Dr.Lalhmingliana Hnamte ,IQAC Co-ordinator

Resource Persons :1.Prof.Lalnundanga,Registrar,MizoramUniversity

                                  2.Dr.Lalbiakzuali,Govt.Hrangbana college

The Chairman welcomed the faculty present and invited Dr.R Lalengmawia to give a short speech. On invitation, he stressed on the need to give our utmost for the next NAAC Team visit and the importance of the seminar. He then declared the workshop opened.

                                                                         Session 1

The resource person Dr.Lalbiakzuali was then invited to give her talk. She began with an introduction of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council which has it’s headquarter at Bangalore. Recently a new office has been opened at New Delhi. She highlighted the fact that a new system of evaluation has been introduced which is entirely technical in nature. The self assessment process is done through online report submission. The third party assessment has also been introduced in the new system. Certain points that were highlighted by the resource person were the Accreditation Framework of NAAC,the process of registration, Contents of SSR, Quality Indicator Framework. She also discussed the seven criteria consisting of the following :Curricular Aspects ,teaching learning and Evaluation, research innovation and extension, Infrastructure and learning Resources, Students Support and Progression, governance leadership and management, Institutional Values and Best Practices

                                                                               Session 2

Resource Person : Prof.Lalnundanga, Registrar, MZU

The Principal was invited to address the second session. He acknowledged the contribution of the IQAC co-ordinator in organising the one day workshop on NAAC Awareness. He also thanked the Resource persons for sparing their precious time.In the second session Prof Lalnundanga was invited to give his talk on the NAAC accreditation process. The following are important points were highlighted by the resource person :

  • He stressed on the importance of NIRF ranking, especially in terms of funding. The criteria is almost similar hence every institute should attempt to acquire NIRF ranking simultaneously.
  • The accreditation process is essentially a process of self-reflection.
  • The new process is very different from the previous one .The peer team is responsible for only 30% of the accreditation process.
  • IIQA is not to be submitted before SSR is ready as the IIQA cannot be corrected once it is submitted.
  • The quantitative matrix which forms 70% of the SSR component should be addressed first after which the qualitative matrix can be taken care of ( not to exceed 500 words)Suggest that one person or not too many persons should be responsible for writing the SSR as distribution of work could lead to lapse in documentation.
  • Quantitative Matrix : there has to be consistency in all activities during reporting year.
  • Log in number of the past NAAC Assessment to be used.
  • Data has to be fed year-wise. It should be criteria-based.
  • All events must be documented with attendance sheet, some photos& videos and summary of the event
  • Activities must be organised properly with a vision of the remaining years ahead. Too many activities may not count
  • Teacher’s profile with documents must be kept ready: Appointment orders, adhaar, pan cards, ST/SC Certificate, seminars, conferences.
  • Teachers with PhD have higher scores but there has to be some uniformity in matters of publication etc
  • Information on Alumni during the assessment period is required. Appointment letters/order to trace placement record.
  • Profile of students for the last five years to be collected.
  • Student satisfaction survey is activated as soon as SSR is approved. Student’s information to be collected: name, email, college id, ST/SC, valid phone number.
  • Identification of job-oriented course /curriculum.
  • Extension activities are important. The reports must be supplement with award letters.(DVV does not recognise appreciation letters)
  • Co-ordinators must be aware of the requirements of the SSR. Criteria –wise distribution of tasks to be given to members of core /steering committee to charge of writing the SSR.
  • SSR carries 70 % of the grading and hence utmost care must be given in filling up the forms.
  • Examination department has a great responsibility in tracing the performance of the students. Percentage of marks for the last 5 years
  • The number of students opting for higher students must be documented.
  • Feedback to be collected on Curriculum: Students, Teachers, Parents, Alumni, Employers.
  • Academic Audit to be carried out.
  • Administrative and green audit must be done atleast once within the assessment period .
  • ISO Certification must be obtained.
  • Documents to be uploaded 45 days prior to the due date.
  1. Co-ordinator Lalrinsangi Nghinglova who proposed the vote of thanks expressed words of gratitude to the resource person Prof Lalnundanga and Dr lalbiakzuali, the Principal, sub-committees such as Research and Seminar committee, Reception, Refreshment, Light and sound and all the participants whose presence made the event a success.

Recorded by:

Department of English

Government Zirtiri residential Science College

Workshop on NAAC

News & Reports



Government Zirtiri Residential Science College Response to COVID in PDF format is given below:

Report on GZRSC Response to COVID-19 can be download here.


Lalrinsangi Nghinglova

Secretary, Student Support committee

The Covid-19 pandemic posed a great challenge for everyone. Many situations and things underwent a change and nothing could be taken for granted anymore. However, there is always the positive and negative side to everything. And so, it is with this pandemic too. The upside to this pandemic is that the college made history by organizing the Personality Development course in the online mode for the first time in the history of the college. The Personality Development course was introduced for the first time in 2013 under the UGC merged scheme to benefit the final year students of the college. The course aims at imparting knowledge and skills that will equip our outgoing students with the basic know-how to face the challenges in life. Initially the course was run by two sub-committees under the scheme namely:

  1. Career Counselling and Placement Cell
  2. Coaching for Entry into Services

With the termination of the scheme, the course continued to be organized by the student Support Committee. The course has been made partially self-financing with students paying a nominal amount of Rs.50 as registration fee and the rest of the expenditure is borne out of funds received from RUSA. The event is also supported by IQAC and it is run along Course on Computer Concept (CCC) for final year students of Science and Home Science streams. The course normally ranges from a one week course to a two weeks course depending on the availability of time.Members of the committee are :        

Mrs. Zodinpuii, Chairperson

Lalrinsangi Nghinglova, Secretary

Members:        Lalsangkimi Hmar                              Caroline Zaihmingthangi

Dr.Lalzahawmi Chenkual                   Lalthanpuii Ralte

M.SDawngliani                                   H.Thangkhanhau

Lalhruaitluanga                                   Laltlanchhungi


This year too, the Student Support Committee, supported by IQAC and RUSA was all set to organize the 8th Personality Development Course 2020 when the Pandemic hit and almost everything, we were familiar with had to undergo a change. We had two options: Cancel the program or wait for better days. But cancelling the program would be a great loss to our final year students as we believe the course will provide them with life skills that are so crucial for them. So, the committee decided to initiate the online mode of the course and made necessary contacts. Our resource persons were contacted and they willingly decided to support us in our venture. Our Member Sir H.Thankhanhau  took up the task of arranging the technical details. We decided to use Cisco WebEx and the students were invited through WhatsApp to download the application and join the course which were to be held between 19th June -23rd June 2020 from 5:00 pm onwards. The committee was cautious in choosing the time slot, keeping in mind the convenience of the students who are dispersed throughout the state. 

The first day of the program was hosted by our member Mrs. MS Dawngliani. The session was attended by 72 participants including 7 teachers. After the secretary introduced the Resource Person Ms. Jane Lalduhchhungi Vanchhawng who is a clinical psychologist, District mental health Program, Aizawl. She spoke on the much –needed topic of Mental health & Stress Management. Her session was rated as very useful and very good by a majority of the students.

The second day was once again hosted by Miss MS Dawngliani and the resource person for the day was Mrs. Carolyn Rinthanpuii Fanai, Circle Education officer, Aizawl west. A former trainer at Infosys and Taiwan her expertise in imparting knowledge on Life Skills lessons was greatly appreciated by the students. The students rated her session as excellent and very interesting. The Secretary delivered the vote of thanks after the end of the Question and Answer session. The session was attended by 89 participants including 9 teachers.

The third day was hosted by Sir H. Thangkhanhau and the resource person for the day was Mrs Susan R Ralte who is Lecturer & HOD, Garment Technology, women’s Polytechnic. She has been actively involved in Personality Development programs and is well known for her involvement in the Miss Mizoram Contests as a judge and a mentor. Her team had been stitching Masks and PPE for health workers during the pandemic and her role in the society makes her extremely suitable to speak on the topic of “ Social Values and Responsibilities”. Her session was rated as excellent and very relevant. Mrs. Zodinpuii, Chairman of the committee delivered the vote of thanks.The session was attended by 92 participants with 11 teachers.

The last day was hosted by Mrs Ms Dawngliani. The Principal, Professor B. Zoliana was invited to give a speech .After the Principal’s address, the resource Person Mr. Lalhruaitluanga was invited to give his talk on Career Guidance and Entrepreneurship. Apart from being an Asst. Professor of our college, he is a certified career analyst, International certified Career Counselor, Certified Life coach and a Master trainer in Entrepreneurship. His session, attended by 95 participants was rated as excellent and very relevant. The Secretary, Mrs Lalrinsangi Nghinglova was invited to give the Secretary Report and the session ended with a vote of thanks from a member of the committee, Dr. Lalzahawmi Chenkual.

All the proceedings have been recorded and uploaded on YouTube. Certificates were given to all participants via email after filling up the feedback form. Feedback was collected after every session and an overall rating on the course showed that the course was a great success. Most of the Resource persons and the courses introduced were rated as excellent. Long discussions followed during and after the sessions and this is a good indicator of the success of the programme. Normally the Personality Development course ends with a grand dinner. But due to the lockdown we cannot be sure when we can have the farewell dinner. All we can do now is to hope and pray for better days when lives get back to normal and we can look forward to more successful courses for our students.

PDF Version of this report can be downloaded from HERE

Report on International Workshop on Tectonic and its implications with special reference to Indo-Burma range

The first International level workshop for Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College was organized by Research and Seminar committee and the department of Geology, GZRSC. There were 12 Organizing members, 6 resource persons and 64 participants in the workshop.


Goals & Objectives

The principle goal is to cater to the need for higher learning in the college level in various fields of science education in Mizoram. It is envisaged that the knowledge and skills gained from the institution, with the degree obtained, would facilitate students for future employment opportunities. The main objectives of the college are:

  1. To be at par with esteemed colleges outside the state in terms of teaching-learning process and, also in terms of research output.
  2. To continuously strive to provide a platform for more choices and opportunities, particularly for students who cannot afford to pursue higher studies elsewhere.

Coronavirus Awareness


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