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Prof B Zoliana Principal

Principal's Message

We, at Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College, are committed to our motto “Lighted to Lighten”. It gives me great happiness to announce that Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College is now equipped with its own website. I do hope it provides both the faculty and the students of this College with a platform for exchange of ideas and information . It is also intended to benefit all others who visit it to learn more about our College, in whatever capacity it may be, I also, take the opportunity to thank the University Grants Commission (UGC) for making this achievement possible. Happy browsing !

Prof. B. Zoliana
Principal, GZRSC

Intellectual Property Rights in Mizo Language


Intellectual Property han tih hian mihringin ama finna leh remhriatna hmanga a ngaihtuah chhuah a pholanna leh a siam chhuah a kâwk a. Hei hian thil siam chhuah (invention), thu leh hla, thlalak, lemziah, design, chhinchhiahna (trademark) te thlengin a huam a. Hêng thil te hi a ngaihtuah chhuaktu leh a siam chhuaktu dik takin neitu bik nihna (exclusive right) a chan theih nân leh midang ten a hlawkna an lo tel sak loh nân Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) hi a pawimawh a ni.

Patent: Patent awmzia chu thil thar siam chhuaktu hnenah a thil siamchhuah thar achunga neitu nihna - a hman leh hralh thuah te, a siamchhuah dan chungchangah te sorkarin thuneihna a pek hi a ni. Hei hian a tum ber chu thil siamchhuaktu chuan a thil siamchhuah chu midangten a rûk a râla an hman sak theih loh nân te leh a thil siam chhuah atanga hlawkna te chu amahin a hmuh theihna’n te a ni ber. Eng thil pawh patent tura tih te chu thil thar leh tangkai an ni tur a ni.

Copyright : Copyright hi miten an duh duh a midangte thil ziah sa lehkhabu te, drama te, film te, thlalak leh thil dang tam tak te an lo siam chhawn ve emaw an hralh ve theih lohna atana invenna a ni. India rama Copyright danin a huam te chu ziaka thil dah chi lehkhabu te, drama te, zai leh rimawi lam thu leh sound recording te, milem leh thlalak lam (artistic work) te, sound track leh film te bakah computer programme leh software te pawh an tel a ni.

Design : Bungrua engpawh hi a hmanna leh man inang rau rauah a hmelhmang lan dan (design) nalh bik chu miten an duh bik thin a, chungte chu Design Act hnuaiah humhim theih a ni a. Design te hi register hun atanga kum 15 a nung thin a ni.
Trade Mark : Trade mark chu ‘sign’ chi khat a ni a, chu sign chuan a chuanna bungrua te kha a siamchhuaktu emaw a neitute tâ a ni tih a târlang thin. Trade mark chu thu emaw, hming emaw, number emaw, symbol emaw, lemziak emaw thil dang chi hrang hrang ang chi te a ni thei. Entirna’n TATA, BATA, Dabur, Park Avenue tih ang chi te.

Geographical Indication (GI) : Thil siam chhuah emaw, thar chhuah emaw te hming hi an siam chhuahna hmun emaw, thar chhuahna ram emaw hmun atanga lo chhuak ngei an ni tih finfiah theihna atan GI hi register thin a ni. Kan hriat lar tak Darjeeling tea te, Champagne Wine, Scotch Whisky te hi GI chi khat an ni.

Plant Variety Protection: The Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Right Act, 2001 chungchang hi Mizote hian kan la hmelhriat lo hle a. Hei hi thlai chi thar leh hemi chungchanga loneitute (farmer) leh thlai chi thar chîng chhuaktute (breeder) leh hetiang lam zir chiangtu (researcher)-te chanvo humhalhna a ni. He dan hi khawvêl pum huapa hetiang lam kaihhnawiha inzawmkhawm pawl Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV), 1978 inkaihhruaina zulzui leh a aia huam zau tûra kalpui a niin thlai chi thar chîng chhuaktute leh loneitute hnathawh hriatpui leh chhawmdawl hi a tum ber chu a ni.
Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Layout Design: The Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Layout Design Act, 2000 chu India rama hman tûra duan a ni. He danhmang hian IC siam chhuah tawh leh siam mêk chu la tlangzarh loh emaw, hman tan tawh pawh ni se kum 2 aia rei la hman chhuah loh te chu humhalh tûra register theih a ni. IC siam chhuah naran erawh a register theih loh a, dangdai deuh leh la siam chhuah ngai loh emaw, miin an la register loh emaw, a lo awm tawh sa aia a danglamna hriat awl deuh a nih a ngai a ni. A dil tûr chuan a remkhawm dan (layout) phuahtu/ siamtu emaw, a aiawhtu tûra a ruat emaw a ni tûr a ni.

Mizoram Science, Technology & Innovation Council

Directorate of Science & Technology, Govt. of Mizoram


IPR Cell, Government Zirtiri Residential Science College

Mission Statement

Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College has been established by the government to be the first science college with a view to cater to the need for undergraduate-level science education in Mizoram. The college has endeavoured to execute and disseminate quality education in various fields of science and technology. 

Goals & Objectives

The principle goal is to cater to the need for higher learning in the college level in various fields of science education in Mizoram. It is envisaged that the knowledge and skills gained from the institution, with the degree obtained, would facilitate students for future employment opportunities. The main objectives of the college are:

  1. To be at par with esteemed colleges outside the state in terms of teaching-learning process and, also in terms of research output.
  2. To continuously strive to provide a platform for more choices and opportunities, particularly for students who cannot afford to pursue higher studies elsewhere.

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